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We'll Do The SOAP Note

Freed listens, transcribes, and writes medical documentation for you.

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After Visit Summary

Written in your style and ready the moment the visit is over. Just hand it over to your patient.


Generated based on medical guidelines and best practice templates. Review and approve.

Self Learning

With every edit, Freed learns your style, format, and templates. Like a human scribe would.

How Freed Works


By transcribing your patient visit, Freed extracts, summarizes, and structures medically relevant information. It then puts it all into the right format, just like a scribe but without the training.

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Review & Copy

Review, edit, and copy the note into your "favorite" EHR in one click.




To check things out


10 free visits

No credit card


For clinicians who never want to chart again

$99 / month

Unlimited visits

Cancel anytime


For clinics or groups with multiple

License management

Annual or monthly subscription

Organization-wide BAA

We're dedicated to making Freed accessible to all aspiring clinicians. If you're a student or trainee, please contact us for a discount.

Value prop

Less Documentation. Less Burnout.

Join other clinicians who Freed themselves.

Artificial intelligence cannot replace you, but it can do the administrative work that no human should be subjected to.

By letting AI write documentation you can focus on your patients and leave the office when your last patient does.

Our Story

Built for clinicians by their significant others

We built Freed so that our clinician partners can stop charting over the weekends. It's one of those selfish presents that you secretly get for yourself.

Our mission is to share Freed with every clinician out there, whether we're married to them or not.

Take a Peek

Ready to be Freed?

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